Across Generations

Park Maitland second grade students reach “Across Generations” to explore the life of a chosen “VIP” person.  This project is a tradition that connects the youngest generation to the oldest.  The selected VIP may be a grandparent, a great-grandparent, a great aunt or great uncle, a neighbor, or family friend.  Students research the life of this special person and create a scrapbook that includes a fact sheet of their life, a poem created for them, photos, a painted portrait of their VIP, interview questions and answers, and a letter from their special person about a memorable event in their life.  The children compare today’s prices of common objects, such as a loaf of bread, to the prices when their VIP was young.  Students are introduced to genealogy with the completion of a family tree.  This interdisciplinary project combines reading, writing, computer skills, social studies, math skills, art, and music. Mostly, however, this project gives our children an opportunity to appreciate, respect, and learn from an older generation.


At the culmination of months of hard work and research, VIPs are invited to Park Maitland School to attend the “Across Generations” event that includes singing, a presentation of the scrapbook to each VIP, good food, and great memories of a truly remarkable experience.


Nothing can duplicate the gratitude, love, and joy on the faces of our guests and their little host!  The history that is shared and the special bond formed as a result of this irreplaceable experience will build memories that last a lifetime.