Park Maitland Students “Feeding Children Everywhere!”

Recently the Park Maitland School gym was the place to party on campus.  There was music playing, people rocking, cheering, and most importantly table after table set up with an assembly line of students packaging healthy meals for hungry kids locally and abroad.  The goal was 18,000 meals in an hour and, as usual, Park Maitland students stepped up to the plate and produced amazing results!

This exciting project was truly synergy in action.  Our 5th grade ambassador program, We Schools in Action, raised funds to pay for the event and to invite Feeding Children Everywhere to our school to help run and participate in the action.  It was then turned over to one of Park Maitland’s unique mentor programs, Jelly Fudge Friends.  This is a partnership between 1st and 6th grade students in which they form special friendships and meet throughout the year for special events together.  Affectionately called JFF, these students chose to give up one of their regular fun events to give back to the community and focus on feeding the homeless, a cause for which Park Maitland has many community ties already.

The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming for all students involved!  Working together to scoop, measure, count, weigh, pour, and seal bags of “meals” was an incredible way for everyone to engage in local and global outreach. Meals will be going to local children and to children in Ecuador. It was heartwarming to see the looks of pride on the faces of all the eager participants!