Cell Phone Danger!

Cell phones: can’t live with them – can’t live without them!

The invention of the cell phone has brought ultra convenience to the modern world! People can now connect at a much easier rate-from home, work, out of state, out of the country and of course from their car- but hopefully for our children’s sake, not during carpool!
According to recent statistics- in April of 2012 91% of American was reported to have cell phones.

With cell phone usage becoming more and more widespread, new studies are emerging reporting the dangers of cell phone usage while driving.  Studies on such dangers have been done by entities such as University of Illinois (UI), University of South Carolina (USC), and University of Utah (UT), with UT having done multiple studies over the past decade. Some of their key findings are as follows:

University of Utah
Drivers using a cell phone:

  • have a level of impairment similar to a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of .08%.
  • drive slightly slower.
  • are 9% slower in hitting the brakes.
  • have a 24% variation in following distance.
  • are 5.36 times more likely to get into an accident.
  • suffer from “inattention blindness”, described as looking at the road, but failing to see anything.

University of Illinois
Drivers using a cell phone:

  • have trouble maintaining a fixed speed.
  • have trouble keeping their cars in a single lane.

University of South Carolina
Drivers using a cell phone:

  • are four times more distracted when speaking or planning to speak during a cell phone conversation.

This research presents alarming findings. Would you want your child to be subjected to a “drunk driver” going through carpool?  Of course not, just as dangerous would be subjecting them to someone using their cell phone during carpool!
As we strive to maintain safe environments for our students, this information certainly gives food for thought. With every advancement come new challenges which keep us on our toes, always considering the best interests of our students. That is why we have imposed strict policies regarding cell phone use during carpool. We want to take every measure to ensure the safety and security of our staff and students at all times.