Grade 6 students in Washington, D.C. – Day #3


This is student reporter Cole P. It was another great day in Washington! We all went downstairs at different times to the Crystal Grill, which is conveniently located on the lobby level of our hotel. Our day began with a guided tour of the Pentagon and a stop at the Iwo Jima Memorial.


I think that the Pentagon is probably one of the best highlights of our tour of Washington DC. It was filled with exhibits from 9/11 to the branches of the military. Two very interesting military guides explained every exhibit that we walked through. The 9/11 part of the Pentagon was a sad part of the tour. It had The Purple Heart Medal for military injuries and deaths, and The Medal of Defense for the brave citizens who risked their lives to save others. It was really just amazing.


Then it was on to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. We were able to see actual money being made and learn the history about it.  A few employeesat the Bureau were very funny and used the money that they made to entertain. For example, one man folded a strip of fives into a fan and fanned himself!

Once we saw how money is actually made, we went over to the National Gallery of Art. There, we had an amazing lunch filled with a variety of selections. After lunch, we were able go see some beautiful paintings by some of the world’s most famous artists. There was even an artist there painting a “painting” trying to copy its beauty.

Afterwards, we all got back into the buses and headed to the National Cathedral. It was extravagant and filled with so many beautiful things. We were given guided tours through this very special Episcopal Church.

After the Cathedral, we went to Tony and Joe’s for a wonderful dinner. WOW, was it good. Then we headed to the Kennedy Center for a hilarious performance of “Peter and the Star-Catchers.” All in all, today was really fun and full of excitement!

~ Cole P., grade 6


Grade 6 students in Washington, D.C. – Day #2


Hello!  This is student reporter Tommy T. from the 6th grade class.  As you all know, photo4-aTuesday was our second day in Washington, D.C.  On Tuesday, we woke up at 6:30 am and went down to eat a very good breakfast in the hotel lobby.  We then boarded the bus and drove to the Capitol Building where we saw our Congressman John Mica.  He took us through the building, and it was informative and fun.  The most interesting room that we saw and got to go into was the House Floor, where the State of the Union Address was given.  After the Capitol Building, we went to the White House and toured the State Floor and ground floor.  We then went outside and took a big picture with all of us in it.

IMG_6597After we toured the White House, the sixth graders ate lunch at a food court in the city.  Next, the group went to Arlington National Cemetery.  In the cemetery, the first part we visited was the stable. This is where they keep all of the horses to pull the carriages that hold the caskets that they will bury at the cemetery. Next, we went to the part of the cemetery where John F. Kennedy is buried. Next to that area is the Tomb of the Unknowns, where four students, Austin O., Aidan M., Lexi G., and Shay B., switched out the wreath in front of the tomb.

After this we headed over to the Vietnam War Memorial where all of the names of the soldiers that were killed in the war are honored. By that time it was dark, and so we went to Clyde’s for dinner. It was delicious. The last place we visited was the Lincoln Memorial. It was better at night because it was all lit up.  Overall, Tuesday was a very fun day, and I am glad I went on this unforgettable trip.

~Tommy T., grade 6

Grade 6 students in Washington, D.C. – Day #1

photo-00Hello all!  I am student reporter Lindsay C.  As you all know, today we departed for Washington, D.C.  The flight was right on time! We had a very nice and safe flight.  Once we got into Washington, we got on our bus.  It was about 40 degrees outside.  As the day went on, we saw large piles of snow on the ground, and later we started to see snowflakes.  Even though it was just a few flakes, all of us were very excited!

Our first stop was the Newseum.  We went to see a 4-D movie, which was very cool.  Then we went and had a cafeteria lunch.  After that, our chaperones and groups split up to explore the museum.  The top exhibits to see were the 9-11 exhibit, the interactive news reporter exhibit, and the prized Pulitzer photo exhibit.

We then went to see some memorials.  We saw the FDR memorial, the MLK memorial, and the WWII memorial.  These were all very interesting and moving memorials.  They all had unique elements that we all liked very much.  What I personally liked was the fact that we saw snow!  For many kids it was their first time seeing it (it was my first time!)  We then went to Ford’s Theatre and it was fun considering that we already read Chasing Lincoln’s Killer.  It was really cool because we were able to spurt out random facts about anyone in the assassination.

Lastly we had dinner at Union Station.  We had an Italian dinner.  Overall it was a great, cold, and fun first day in Washington, D.C.!

 ~Lindsay C., 6th grade