Students Quickly Adjust to New Routine

  In just two wBlog2Ceeks of school, our students settled into their new routine beautifully! Learning and practicing school routines are extremely important in creating a safe, secure, and predictable learning environment for children. At Park Maitland, we feel that it’s vital for children to have structure and routine within their school day. The first few weeks of school are a time when those important procedures are learned.

For our youngest students, procedures like practicing fire and safety drills, learning how to walk in lines, lining up for class, where to put lunch boxes and tote bags, putting materials away in class, and cleaning up after themselves are important steps to helping them feel confident, safe, and secure at school. Older students learn notebook organization, how to write in planners, time management, organizing what’s needed for the next class, going to lockers, and more.Blog2F

All of our students learn and practice important interpersonal skills such as proper greetings (shaking hands, practicing introductions, standing when a guest enters the classroom, using eye contact), and our basic but important expectation of answering in at least two word responses, such as “Yes, ma’am” and, “No, sir” instead of “Yeah” or “No”…and, of course, “Please” and “Thank you” to all! It is always such a pleasure to witness the outstanding manners that our students display, and we know that this all starts in the home! Thank you parents, for sending us such sweet and mannerly children!

As a matter of fact, the “fruits of your labor” were quite evident during our recent 6th grade “Beach Bonding” tripBlog2D. This overnight adventure was hosted by our beloved 6th grade social studies teacher, Mrs. Finwall, with the help of all of the grade six teachers! The outstanding manners, empathy, and respect displayed towards fellow classmates and adults by our “Super Seniors” made us all so very proud!


Cindy Moon

Head of SchoolBlog2E



New School Year Excitement!

   The hustle and bustle of a wonderful new school year is underway! The classrooms and halls were brimming with excitement this week.  Your children were Blog1Bbusy meeting new friends and their new teachers, settling into different routines, and learning all about the exciting opportunities ahead in their new grades!

As we launch our new morning meeting program you should be hearing about more polite greetings, the “message of the day, ”and activities designed to promote better listening and improved communication skills!Blog1C

Thank you for bringing your child to school eager and excited to learn!  Thanks to the wonderful teamwork between home and school, our outstanding teaching staff, and, most of all, your enthused and precious children, we have catapulted into a new and extraordinary school year!

I could not be more proud or excited!

Cindy Moon

Head of SchoolBlog1DBlog1a