Mathematician’s Dream

b jensen 1How do I put into words how much I love my job?

Transitioning from public school to Park Maitland this school year, there is no doubt I am beyond excited and proud to be a member of this wonderfulb jensen 6 school. From the constant support I receive by my colleagues and administration, to the spectacular students I teach, Park Maitland is a perfect fit for me!

I have been spreading my love of math to my wonderful fourth grade students throughout the first half of the year. I can tell my students are definitely catching the “math bug”! They continually impress me with their passion to learn every day in class and are always excited for me to teach them new math concepts. Talk about a teacher’s dream!

My students were recently assigned a famous mathematician about whom to educate their fellow peers. I have always found it important for students to have a grasp on where b jensen 5mathematics began — the history behind what they learn in my class. Students were very creative with their presentations, using technology to create Prezi slideshows, generating visually appealing brochures, and putting together trading cards and outstanding posters! I have done this famous mathematician project every year, but my fourth grade students this year took this project to the next level and definitely “wowed” me!

Aside from my fourth grade math classroom, I sponsor the Math Olympiad competition team for Park Maitland. These students always fill my heart every time we meet because they, likeb jensen 4 me, love math! During practice we prepare for upcoming competitions both locally and nationally. My Math Olympiad students work very hard to prove that the first ever Park Maitland team is serious about these competitions and want to help promote the importance of mathematics in education!

To say I am grateful for the honor to teach in the continually engaging environment that is offered at Park Maitland would be an understatement. Envisioning the second half of the school year overwhelms me with excitement! I cannot wait to see what my students and colleagues will impress me with next! b jensen 3

Thank you!!!

Brooke Jensen, Grade 4 Math Teacherb jensen 2

Sincere Gratitude

DSC_1030Of course, what would November be without giving thanks?  We also recognize the importance of a lifelong attitude of gratitude to enjoy life, spread goodwill, and keep the right perspective on our blessings and opportunities!

As our students (from the tiniest up) line up here at school to drop off the hundreds of canned food items and prepare to spend their own money on “Toys for Tots,” you DSC_9850can see the looks of pride on their faces and the feelings of gratitude that they gain from learning to take care of others in order to make the world a happier and brighter place to be.   I receive countless thank you notes from our students (in their very best handwriting) as they show appreciation for everything that they enjoy here at school.  Teaching children to show thankfulness and gratitude to others by expressing it in writing (good old fashioned, hand-written thank you notes) or by giving their time or “things” to those in need are lessons that will last a lifetime and help them to live happier, more productive and more fulfilled lives. DSC_9955

As we focus more on what we are grateful for during this special time of Thanksgiving, I’d like to take the time to thank each of you for your ongoing support and partnership as we work together to educate your precious children.  I also feel deep gratitude and IMG_4503appreciation to the outstanding group of teachers, administrators, and staff who are part of our Park Maitland family.  Their ongoing dedication and love for your child and for what they do is expressed each and every day by their dedicated efforts to celebrate your children’s gifts and strengths while enlightening their minds and spirit.

My thanks wouldn’t be complete without recognizing and expressing the deep gratitude that we all have to Mary Margaret Bowen, Liz Smith, and Carolyn Fritch for carrying on the Park Maitland legacy!  Their love for each and every child here and desire to give them the very best education possible is evidenced in all they do to make Park Maitland the unique and wonderful school that it is.  I feel truly blessed to be part of such an extraordinary school community!IMG_4997

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

Cindy Moon