Tacky Tourists

DSC_0474-X3This past week, students in first grade had a wonderful time traveling as “tacky tourists” from one exciting international adventure to another!  After a unit of study about countries DSC_3762-X2and cultures around the world — their customs, agriculture, famous landmarks, music, food, and more — our young travelers had a true “taste” of each at their exciting “Festival of Nations” event!  It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm while they traveled as they recognized famous names, landmarks, and traditions and had an opportunity to participate in many enjoyable and unique experiences! Their passports were full!

Our first grade parents (under the guidance of wonderful science teacher, Dawn Petree) did an extraordinary job of helping to make this engaging and relevant event so meaningful and memorable for all!  What a wonderful way to build community as our students learned about the global one in which we live!

Please remember: ITBS testing starts for grades 4-6 on Wednesday of this coming week.  _DSC0933-X3The following week, our 1st-3rd graders have their testing.  Please make sure that your child arrives at school on time, is well-rested, and has a healthy breakfast each day.  We don’t put pressure on our students during this time.  We know that our strong curriculum and excellent teaching is preparation enough!

Warm wishes for a Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and four day Spring Break!

Cindy Moon

Head of School


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