DSC_2646 It’s hard for me to talk about tradition without thinking of “Fiddler on the Roof” and Topol’s deep voice belting out the song, “Tradition!”  The song rings true in that when we have similar experiences to celebrate and pass down it creates a feeling of belonging andDSC_2641 “roots.” Those of you that have been part of the Park Maitland “family” for any length of time are familiar with the many honored traditions established here in each grade level and as an entire school.  Some of these traditions give way to new ones so that they are still relevant and meaningful. Nonetheless, they are one of the things that make Park Maitland School such a special place to be!

This week, we celebrated the “QU Wedding” in K-4!  It happened to be on the same day as our 6th grade Sports Fest (two highly revered traditions here)!  It was so sweet to see the K-4 students arrive for the big event dressed to the “T” to celebrate their year of learning how to read and the merging of two of their_DSC7908 beloved letter people, “Mr. Q and Ms. U.” I couldn’t help but overhear the sixth grade parents and students oohing and ahhing as they began having flashbacks of their own earliest days at Park Maitland at the QU Wedding!

It’s the common values, morals, customs, and general culture that help bond members of a school family.  These highly anticipated traditions bring students, teachers, and parents togetherDSC_2716 to celebrate learning in a relevant, fun, and engaging way! How can they possibly be forgotten?

Each year, more and more Park Maitland alumni send their own children to our school. One of the things that they delight in doing is to celebrate these much loved traditions with their children! They are always so happy to hear that we have held on tothesecelebrations. They are also relieved and pleased to see that the “old fashioned” values so important to our founder, Nell Cohen, such as good manners, morals, and character are as important as always!

I think that one of the problems plaguing our fast paced and ever-changing society today is the “root-lessness” of so many people and the lack of common values.DSC_267608 It is so important for families, schools, and the workplace to establish traditions and values that allow for a coming together of all to reflect, learn, connect, and celebrate!

I’ve decided to dedicate the month of May to “traditions” at Park Maitland School! I will ask students to send me their favorite Park Maitland tradition and tell why!DSC_2772 I think we will all enjoy reading about these from a child’s perspective!

This week we look forward to a few newer traditions: “Honored Elders” (students visiting our elder friends at the Mayflower) and “Shrek Day,” as well as our much coveted, somewhat older celebration of mothers — our K-5 “Mothers Day Tea!”

Cindy Moon

Head of School


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