Williamsburg Trip – Day 3

Williamsburg is a fun and informational trip that fifth graders get the opportunity to go on every year. The trip this year was from November the seventeenth to the twentieth. On the nineteenth we went all around 1Jamestown and shopped a bit too! We saw trades like the blacksmith,
silversmith, and tinsmith. Seeing how the blacksmith made nails was really cool.
When the iron got hot it made the coolest colors!

We went to the Governor’s Palace where we all went through its hedge maze. The parents had just as much fun as the children did. We all ran through the maze as fast as we could trying to see who made it out first. When we walked into the palace, we saw rows and rows of weapons! Swords, rifles, and pistols covered the walls like plaster. We all went to the court room were we had a trial that we participated in. The case was someone had stolen the candles. Who would do such a horrid thing? Anyway, I chose to be the clerk. The clerk does not sound like a very important person, but he studied the law and keeps paper work in order for the council which is very important. Also, his chair and desk look awesome! They had little buttons around the rim and a ink well and quills! Speaking of quills, at the different shops we went to, my souvenir was a thick sheet book with three packs of ink and a quill. I found out that each of my packets of ink can write the Constitution twice!  2

The costume ball was one of the biggest events of the whole trip.  At the costume ball teachers, administrators, parents, and students all dressed up as colonials or people from the time period. Here we had a group of people perform dances and teach us how to do them too. A parent said “I loved it because it got everyone involved.” Mr. Courson, the fifth grade social studies teacher became “General Courson” at the ball. 3For dinner we had macaroni and cheese, green beans, salad, chicken, and bread rolls. At the very end of the ball we all had the opportunity to choose another student partner to dance in the last dance they would teach us. The dances in a way were all educational. We learned about what traits the people in England brought into their dances and how the colonials brought those same influences with them when the came to the colonies. Everyone had so much fun dancing though sometimes we got mixed up. Williamsburg is a place I won’t forget, and that Thursday is a day I won’t forget.

-Reese T.


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