Williamsburg Trip – Day 4

Today, our last day in Williamsburg, we went to Shirley Plantation and Yorktown. The Shirley Plantation was a working plantation in colonial times and has been owned by 11 generations of the Hill Carter family.  That’s a long time!  We toured the grounds and learned about brick making and storing ice.  All the 4 million bricks that make up the plantation buildings were created using clay and sand from the land at the Shirley Plantation.  We toured inside the almost 200 year old three
story house too. There was a really cool floating stair case in the house1 that really made it remarkable, a team of engineers had to come just to figure out how it was made. The first floor was a museum and the current generation of the Hill Carter family are living on the second and third floor. We were all waiting anxiously for the ghost story at the end of the tour. The ghost story was about Aunt Pratt, she was the aunt of the children who lived there although she never did. When she died she was buried in England and her portrait was put in the attic. The current man living there could not sleep with the ruckus of the unhappy ghost portrait. So he tried moving her portrait from floor to floor, but she would not rest until he reached the first floor. On the first floor Aunt Pratt’s portrait sat by the window looking into the family graveyard to make sure her family was okay. Now she never gets upset unless a cell phone rings.

At Yorktown we toured a colonial village. We learned about the battle, medicines, jobs, and muskets. We saw what it would really be like if you were a soldier in the battle against the British. You would have to sleep six men in a tent. That would be hard!  We got to see the medicines and tools
that would be used if you got sick or shot – so scary! 2It was really cool when we got to see the musket fire, but it really scared me when there were two misfires! We also saw the tobacco farming area and the kitchen where they smoked almost all of the food. It was fun to see a normal house that would be there during that time. It was so small compared to how we live today.

My favorite part of the day was being at the Shirley Plantation. It was so much fun to play colonial games with my best friends. We played tangrams (a puzzle with only seven pieces), dominos, pickup sticks, close the box, crazy eights, and some others. I had no idea that Uno is the modern form of crazy eights! I also liked touring the house. I’ll never forget my trip to Williamsburg, and I loved spending time with my friends and my mom. 3

-Sophia L.

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