Day 1: Grade 6 Goes to Washington, D.C.

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When I got to the airport and saw all my friends, I was so excited! My mom and I went through security and all the people were so nice. We walked to the shuttle and entered the terminal. When I got to gate 50, I was more than happy to see all my friends there.

Once we departed the plane, we headed towards the buses, I was on bus 2. I sat next to my friend, and we drove to Mt. Vernon while eating our Jimmy John’s subs. As soon as I saw Mt. Vernon it was gorgeous. There was a beautiful building, and the snow was melting.

Our tour was scheduled later than we arrived, so we looked around the area. I personally loved the view near the water. All of my friends took a lot of selfies, so fun! The tour guide was very inviting and informative; she led us perfectly through George Wadc 1shington’s home. We saw carvings and paintings on the walls, and even George Washington’s teeth! But then it started to rain so we rushed toward the bus and headed to The National Museum of Natural History. What a blast!

When we arrived we saw a huge stuffed elephant! We split into groups and my group headed to the Gems and Minerals exhibit. The gems were so sparkly and shiny, I wanted to buy all of them. Unfortunately, we never saw the Hope Diamond due to renovations, but it was awesome! After that we visited the Butterfly Exhibit, which not only includes live butterflies but live insects as well. We even got to hold a live grasshopper! I loved it, but we had to leave at 5:30pm.

Then came dinner at Pinstripes. It was Italian styled food, delicious! We got on the bus, and we had a surprise! There were “punny” (get it) jokes (pun+funny) told. We got our heavy coats and made our way over to the Lincoln Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial was spectacular, especially at night. The statue was huge, and I stood exactly where Martin Luther King, Jr. stood! Right next to it was the Korean War Memorial, which we also saw. It was such a great day. Thank you, Park Maitland!

Elaine P.

6th Grade Student

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