Salute to our Veteran’s

IMG_8779-S[1]With all the negative hype about politicians, our country’s dismal economic stature, and the strong divide between parties, it’s refreshing to see that love and pride for our country are still strong! This week, we enjoyed honoring our heroes, the United States veterans during our annual Veteran’s Day ceremony! It was heartwarming to see the pride in the faces of our many honored veterans and the looks IMG_8694-X3[1]of respect and awe in the faces of our students as stories were told, songs were sung, poetry recited, lessons taught, flags folded, ROTC marching, scouts leading, veterans sharing, and so much more — all in honor of the special men and women who have or are still sacrificing so much for our freedom!

Colonel Redmond, our passionate keynote speaker, honored and decorated U.S. veteran, author, and proud father of Ms. Kathy Parkins, beloved K-5 teacher.  Read more about his book “A Dusty Boot Soldier Remembers” at


A Special Thanks to…

  • Drill Sergeant Foley for working with the scouts on flag protocol and the donation of new U.S. flags to our school.
  • The many honored veterans who attended the ceremony and allowed us to pay our deepest respect and gratitude! You are our heroes!

Patriotism and respect for our country and its history remain a valuable and integral part of our school curriculum and our daily celebrations as we
work to prepare our students to be productive and successful leaders of tomorrow. Yes, patriotism is alive and well at Park Maitland School!

God Bless America…
Cindy Moon
Head of School

Our heartfelt support and condolences go out to

victims of the Paris attack and their families.

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

— Howard Zinn


Hurray for Our Veterans!

_mg_0391Outfitted in red, white and blue, students in K-4 through grade six expressed their pride in our country and our veterans through songs, their own poetry, poignant letters of _dsc5223thanks to veterans, and much more during our annual Veterans Day assembly.  Our distinguished veteran guests were visibly touched and proud to be recognized and appreciated with such respect and honor. They are true heroes to our precious children!

With all the negative hype about politics and our country’s economic woes, it’s refreshing to see that love and pride for our country is alive and well at Park Maitland School!

One of the main goals of education is to help our children become contributing members of society. Part of that involves instilling a sense of patriotism. To be patriotic means to take pride in, be loyal to, and support your country. When people feel this, the country is more prosperous, citizens help others, _dsc5390and there is a strong sense of community. It provides safety, teaches children to share with and respect others, and makes the country a better place in which to live.

Our school provides many opportunities for our students to learn respect and love of our country and the value of service and leadership in their greater communities. _mg_0343Each day the entire school recites the Pledge of Allegiance and sings patriotic songs. Our departmentalized program allows time for our outstanding social studies teachers to provide students with rich opportunities to learn the history of our great country and how it affects current events of today.                   _mg_0086Our “Honored Elders” students visit local retirement homes to connect with the older generation. They share stories and learn about the past — how things have changed — and they gain a newfound understanding and respect for _dsc5441the contributions that our grandparents and previous generations have made.

In keeping with tradition, this upcoming week our fifth grade class will enjoy a four-day trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.  They will “travel back in time” to see and participate in historical reenactments, visit old forts and museums, and, clad in traditional Colonial costumes, they will take part in an evening of _mg_0077feasting on authentic foods and enjoying some traditional Williamsburg ballroom dancing!  What better way for our students to learn firsthand about our country’s founding fathers and traditions! Be on the lookout for daily “reports” from our fifth grade explorers about their adventures in Colonial Williamsburg this week! I cannot wait to enjoy this special memory with them!



Cindy Moon

Head of School

We Grow Leaders…At Park Maitland School!

The whole-school assemblies at Park Maitland School are led entirely by children! The pre-kindergIMGP1514-Larten (K-4) through grade six students delight in leading fellow classmates in the Pledge to the Flag, the “Star Spangled Banner,” and the school’s beloved Alma Mater. Administrators and teachers are rightfully proud onlookers as their students serve as masters of ceremony or participate in skits; present class creations or describe an exciting, upcoming activity; or as they lead the children in cheers for our wonderful school. Our assemblies are magnificent!

Every child at Park Maitland becomes a leader. His/her growth in personal self-confidence, character, and knowledge is assemblyastonishing. Plus, there are some pretty neat additional benefits, too: a beautifully-rounded curriculum featuring not only academics, but, also, computer skills, physical education, art, music, drama, swimming, Spanish, library, recess, and so much more. Something new and wonderful is the new and improved “SmartTech” class with its dedicated “Maker Space.” This room and all that takes place within it must be seen to be believed! Incredible teachers, well-appointed classrooms, a lovely campus, and genuine kindness and love for children add to the happiness of each young learner.IMGP1477-XL

We know that visitors to our school love seeing the students in their classes and participating in active learning. We invite interested parents (including your friends who might consider Park Maitland for their children) to come visit during the school day if at all possible. Call Kirsten Telan, Admissions at 407-647-3038, ext. 110 to arrange for a personal tour and informational meeting. She can answer all questions!IMG_0614-XL

Mary Margaret Bowen

Vice President, Student & Family Affairs

Building a Sense of “Community”

_MG_0236-S Florida fall has arrived, and although it brought cloudy and rainy weather, we also felt our first “hint” of cooler days.  As Floridians, we don’t often get a sense of a “real” change of season. The leaves barely change, and cooler days for us are in the 70’s and 80’s.  At school, teachers create ways to remind or teach our students what fall and other seasons look like by providing activities that are traditional to that time of year.

In kindergarten, we started our first week of fall learning about the history of Johnny DSC_0877-SAppleseed, culminating in a festive day of fall fun — children, teachers and parents, playing and working together to make applesauce, apple pies, apple graphs, and just about anything you could possible think of having to do with apples!

This weekend, our 5th graders hosted their fall “garage sale” in an effort to raise money for global outreach.  Thanks to our generous and helpful parents, they received donations from all grades and came together with friends and families to sell hundreds of baked goods, hot dog lunches, and, of course, many, many donated “treasures!”

This past week, our entire school community gathered to celebrate patriotism and the 200th anniversary of the “Star Spangled Banner.”  The stBlog6Cory behind the song’s lyrics was taught by music teacher, Mr. Stephen Nelson, and he led the entire school in chants and song during the assembly!

While the main purpose of these events and activities is to teach our children in a fun, creative, and engaging way, another important outcome is building “community spirit!”  A warm, loving, and strong sense of community is traditional at Park Maitland School!  Life-long friendships are built here between students and among families.

A sense of community in school is important to establish bonds, friendships, and connections. The division of work, feeling of association, togetherness, and cooperation — all these help in establishing a healthy atmosphere filled with unity, harmony, and friendship. A sense of togetherness lies in the soul of every individual. This comes from our care and dependency on our fellow beings. From our childhood days to our adulthood, we care for our family members, our relatives, our neighbors, and friends. This leads to a need of togetherness among people, which helps in creating a community.Blog6A

We feel it’s important for parents to gather together within the school community to make friends, share mutual “child rearing concerns,” and simply “connect!”  In our fast paced, technologically advanced society, there is little time for face-to-face communication or collaboration, so we want to make the time!

This year we are changing the format of our “Parent Chats” to allow for more interaction with administrators and parents of children in your child’s grade/s.  We will host brown bag lunch gatherings.  Part of this time will be spent mingling and chatting with parents and administrators; a breakout session on matters that may pertain to events or happenings in your child’s grade or developmental milestones; and sometimes expert guest speakers that focus on hot parenting topics.  I would love to hear from you regarding topics that you would like to hear more about (such as discipline, dealing with perfectionism, social media, etc.)   We greatly value your ideas and time, so we want these sessions to be enjoyable and meaningful!Blog6B

Cindy Moon

Head of School